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KelleneDiana Statement Jewelry
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KelleneDiana Statement Jewelry
KelleneDiana Statement Jewelry
KelleneDiana Statement Jewelry
KelleneDiana Statement Jewelry

KelleneDiana Statement Jewelry

Anxiety was the condition and KelleneDiana is the busniess that was derived from it.

KelleneDiana was founded in 2009 by owner/designer Kellene Diana Sampson to give women the perfect outlet to express themselves in a distinctive way… through jewelry. Whether you’re BOLD & CONFIDENT,QUIET & SHY, LOUD & OUTSPOKEN, PEACEFUL, or just feeling FREE, KelleneDiana has stylish jewelry to compliment your mood for any occasion. If you are looking for an accessory that is as unique as you are, KelleneDiana is your place to shop. KelleneDiana is an independent, direct sales, jewelry company specializing in unique fashion accessories.Whenever I was going to a formal event, a casual party or just to work, I could never find the right jewelry to express how I was feeling. I wanted to create a jewelry line that would capture my different moods, my versatility, and my different personas. KelleneDiana doesn’t just speak for me, it’s an outlet for ALL women to express themselves through our unique collections. KelleneDiana was also created to target the woman who does not like to see the same thing twice. No one likes to enter into a room, event, or social gathering where someone else has on the same exact item. Purchasing accessories from KelleneDiana will provide that sense of fashion security and the ease of knowing that you will stand out in a crowded room.

KelleneDiana was branded with ZEBRA stripes and the beautiful color SAPHIRE BLUE. Zebras represent uniqueness, as no 2 zebras are alike , and the color saphire blue in divine power gives mental peace, wealth and happiness. KelleneDiana was branded to give others the green light to express who they are even if it’s not what society is used to. EXPRESSION THROUGH FASHION is what we stand for and we encourage our customers to embrace their uniquness with KelleneDiana Statement Jewelry.

At KelleneDiana we believe in giving back. 10% of all proceeds before shipping will be donated to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, with hopes of others finding their outlet.
KelleneDiana Jewelry

, MD
KelleneDiana Jewelry

, MD