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Overstock Outlet
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Overstock Outlet
Overstock Outlet
Overstock Outlet
Overstock Outlet

Overstock Outlet

Overstock Outlet is a 20,000 Sq Ft. store filled with exceptional pieces of furniture from 4 and 5 Star Hotels. Hotel furniture from luxury resorts like Trump Hotel, W Hotel and Four Seasons can all be purchased. Overstock Outlet also carries brand new close out home goods like Bed Linens, Towels, Glassware, Crystal pieces and many other exciting bargains. If you need a brand new pillow top mattress, you came to the right place. Overstock Outlet!

Hotels contact us to liquidate the furniture, fixtures, equipment, electronics & virtually everything else when it's time for them to renovate. Typically, hotel properties (especially in urban areas) renovate every 5-7 years in order to remain competitive. This creates a big opportunity for our customers because the useful life and structural integrity of these commercial grade hotel products far out lasts the period of time that the hotel keeps it. Customers who purchase commercial furniture, fixtures and equipment for residential use will obviously get a much greater return for their investment in the way of useful life & functionality. We only liquidate from 4 & 5 star hotel properties with a strong brand standard to keep products in good, useful & clean condition.

Our ability to execute very large 1,000+ room hotels affords us the ability to bring this high quality product back to Baltimore and sell it for more than 90% off of it original price. We have liquidated and brought to the Baltimore retail public some of the largest and most expensive furniture projects in the country including:

- Trump Hotel & Tower, NYC
- Marriott Marquis, NYC
- Four Seasons, Houston
- Sheraton New York, NYC
- Peabody Hotel, Orlando
- Westin, San Antonio
- Courtyards from Boston, Virginia & Florida
- Marriotts from Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City & NJ
-Baltimore City Projects: Tremont Grand, Sheraton & Hyatt
- And many more!
Overstock Outlet
2811 Sisson St.
Baltimore, MD 21211